The Roadmap: How an Idea Becomes a Project

STEP 1: Submit IDEA

Start by submitting your idea. Your Executive Technology Council (ETC) divisional representative will be copied on the submission. If they approve, it moves to Step 2.

STEP 2: Macro Assessment

ITS Business Analysts work with you to develop a high-level summary, or Macro Assessment, of the project stakeholders, business needs, integration requirements, level of effort, timeline, resources needs and costs. It's then provided to the ETC divisional representative who decides to approve, hold or reject. If approved, you move to Step 3 or 4, depending on the project's type.

STEP 3: Micro Assessment (only for "Transform" project ideas)

The Macro Assessment is presented to the full Executive Technology Council for consideration to move forward. If approved, a Micro assessment is conducted which gathers more information including total cost of ownership, business requirements, completed vendor checklist and if needed, an RFP. Next comes a review and input period by the appropriate Technology Portfolio Committee.

The final Micro Assessment is presented to the Executive Technology Committee for a decision to approve, hold or reject. If approved, the Micro Assessment moves to the CIO for the final decision.

STEP 4: Project Implementation

If approved by the CIO, the project moves to the implementation phase. Resources, implementation planning, execution and deployment schedules are determined.