You can easily submit an idea or track existing ideas and projects. See these brief descriptions, then click the button you want below. (To enter, you’ll need to log in with your NinerNET information.)

Submit an Idea

Have an IT idea? Thinking about buying software or upgrading an existing application? Then you need to submit an Idea Form! First, talk with your Executive Technology Council rep. This is required before the Idea Form can be completed. It's never too early to share your idea but it can be too late, especially if you are facing a deadline. The Process tab above offers more specifics but the form is easy–it only takes a few minutes to fill out some basic information.

Track a project

Faculty, staff and students can see all the projects OneIT is working on or track their favorite projects. A few highlights: you can filter, sort or download the project list; ask questions or provide feedback by clicking the feedback button; and get the most up-to-date info on a project by looking at the last updated field.

Have general questions about the process or questions and feedback about a project? Just fill out this form.

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Track a Project

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